Steven Settinger

Composer for film, games, media.
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I compose music.

Music is my passion and my life.

Born in 1989 in Germany my love to music began when I started to play the keyboard at the age of 10. Once I used to play the
famous game Final Fantasy and I'd say that the music by the japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu inspired me to start composing my own music.

Since a few years composing has become my passion and my life so I decided to study filmmusic composition at the musicube
academy in Bonn and currently I'm doing my Bachelor at ArtEZ College of Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands. My musical style was influenced
by many different composers - for example John Williams, Howard Shore, composers from the romantic period and too many others to
mention here.

Besides I am working as a freelance composer since many years now and I have composed music for different movies and other media projects like
The World We Lost (short film), The Magic Moment (multi-award winning documentary), Sir Eatsalot (PS-vita game) and
Startup Company (HTML5 game).

Whenever you need professional original music for your individual project, feel free to get in touch with me. No matter
what kind / style of project you have, I am sure we can form a unique soundtrack that fits perfectly!
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Films, games, media.

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Directed by Philip Suess


Directed by Paul O'Hannigan

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Steve Ericsson

You are a truly talented composer! Wow! And the quality of sound is great!

Alan Lawson

Amazing experience! Steven has a great ear and a creative mind. He has listened to my ideas and help create that musical atmosphere that I was looking for! I will be working with him again!

Jonas Hovgaard

Steven this is amazing! Your music literally made me smile. I’m so happy that I went with you. Great work!

Paul O'Hannigan

His ability to listen and collaborate on powerful pieces of music, even across oceans, is a testament to his creative excellence. This was my first collaboration with Steven, it certainly won’t be my last!

Christopher Helkey

Thank you for all your hard work and amazing music. It was awesome working with you! I hope to work with you in the future!

Philip Suess

Another great soundtrack from my favorite composer!

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